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Connie's Organic Tomato Chips

Free Recipes:

>> Pasta With Salmon, Sausage & COTC

>> Trout Papillote Style with Lemon, Olives & COTC
(courtesy Adrienne Feinbloom, Pompton Lakes, NJ)

>> Pasta With COTC

Customer Comments:

The Chips were superb.
--Jessie, Boulder, CO

They were fabulous!
--Annette, Sag Harbor, NY

Finally tried the lemon pepper tomatoes I ordered from you months ago. Outstanding! Can't wait to get more!
--Tracy, Reno, NV

I am hooked after my first chip.
--Marianne, Hong Kong

Many thanks for the DELICIOUS tomato chips...they are gorgeous. --Susan, Washington, D.C.

Love 'em...Gotta have 'em!
--Lelia, Pflugerville, TX

Thanks! I'm addicted to these chips! i bring sandwiches for lunch everyday and bringing fresh tomatoes is risky because they get your sandwich these are perfect!! what a great invention!
--Lisa, Forest Hills, NY

Can you send a dozen more lemon & pepper Tomato Chips--they are delicious!
--Gloria, New York, NY

Many thanks for the DELICIOUS tomato chips...they are gorgeous.
--Susan, Santa Fe, NM

Ok. I’m hooked. I loved ‘em. Oh man... I didn’t mean to eat the whole bag at once, but they were simply too good. Mmmmmm. Great stuff: thanks!
--Mr. D., New York, NY

These are the BEST! They just explode with taste--will try them in Vodka Martinis--They will work--Thanks for a great product--
--Aventura, FL

We loved our first batch of chips. They are so yummy on sandwiches.
--Lisa, Forest Hills, NY

The Tomato Chips are the most wonderful addition to my kitchen. Lovely!
--Grace, via Internet

--Judith, Santa Barbara, CA

I think the Tomato Chips are about the greatest thing to come along in years. We hope to have enough of the first order to get thru the summer. Looking forward to a great harvest for you this year.
--Gilbert, Newport, RI

All my friends want to order from you and have eaten up all that I have. It’s a great product!
--Miriam, Los Angeles, CA

"More Tomato Chips," demands Buya, "NOW!"

They are extraordinary!
--Sylvia, Great Neck, NY

The Chips are truly delicious...
--Jane, New Jersey

Thank you so much for sending me chips! I am totally addicted.
--Diane, New York, NY

Boyd and I just LOVE them! They are SO full of flavor! How on EARTH did you do it?
--Lelia, Austin, TX

They’re delicious! Thanks.
--Fran, Kensington, MD

Oh, NO! You got me addicted and now no more chips until September!
--Carole, Houston, TX

The best news is about the taste. We had the Tomato Chips on top of roast beef for lunch. They added a delicious zest.
--C., Ontario, Canada

Delicious! Thank you.
--Sergio, Doylestown, PA

The Tomato Chips are great!
--Adrienne, Pompton Lakes, NJ

The Chips made their debut last Friday and the applause was enthusiastic. Thanks a lot.
--Carol via Internet

Your fabulous Tomato Chips just arrived!! Yummy--my husband and I were battling over them.
--Julienne, Newtown, PA

The basil-oregano Tomato Chips are to die for--so good.
--Glenna, San Diego, CA

We’re enjoying the Tomato Chips. Many thanks!
--Marilyn, East Hamton, NY

I’ve tasted the Chips--they’re great. Anxious to try them in all the ways suggested!
--Lois, San Carlos, CA

Tomato Chips arrived today. I lightly soaked them in water and olive oil, layered them on baked fish. Very good indeed.
--Lyle, Richmond, VA

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